How many patients do you have that could use dental implant therapy?  You might be surprised when you take a closer look at your patient pool, and discover hundreds, if not thousands of patients that could benefit from implants today.

If you are not placing or restoring dental implants, we can help!  We love to share our knowledge with our students, in a way that will be easy to understand, and just as importantly, straightforward to implement.  We cover all of the essential concepts and specific details that can make all the difference in our day to day practice of implant dentistry.

Patients are asking for implants.  Like most dentists, you’ve probably wanted to incorporate implants into your practice in a significant way.  Don’t put it off.  With top notch clinical instruction so close to home, you have every reason to register to learn how you can provide this important area of dentistry to your patients.

Our programs are structured to maximize your confidence and minimize complications. Some of our courses allow course participants to bring their own patients into our office to place implants under guidance from a veteran implantologist.  If you can’t find a suitable patient, we can provide one for you.  More details will be available at our courses.  Here is a sample of courses we intend to provide in the next year.

  • Prosthetic Concepts for the General Practitioner, Part 1 and 2 – 4 CE hours each
  • Implant Surgery and Restoration for the General Practitioner – 3 days, 24 CE hours
  • Intermediate Implant Topics: Guided Bone Regeneration with Live Patients – 3 days
  • Intermediate Implant Topics: Internal Approach Sinus Grafting with Live Patients – 2 days
  • Intermediate Implant Topics: Full Arch Implant Restoration – 1 day
  • Advanced Implant Topics: Block Allografts with Live Patients – 2 days
  • Advanced Implant Topics: Lateral Approach Sinus Grafting with Live Patients – 3 days
  • Advanced Implant Topics: Full Arch Implant Surgery – 1 day