If you are looking for quality implant dentistry you can afford, then you should consider being a patient at the Modern Implant Institute.  Our program provides continuing education opportunities to dentists and specialists who are interested in mastering new implant techniques for use in their own practices.  All doctors are licensed to practice in Illinois, and will be attended by an experienced implantologist.

We offer implant surgical and restorative solutions at approximately 50% discount over usual and customary fees.  These procedures may be performed by course participants or videotaped by experienced implantologists for educational purposes.

All of our restorations come with a 3 year limited warranty (please inquire for details), and in rare cases, we offer replacements or refunds if your implant does not survive a normal 1 year healing period.

You will receive expert treatment in our state of the art facility and by our compassionate team.

Financing options may be available to qualified individuals.  More information can be found at: